Name: Runa Lucienne

Age: 22Industry Age: 22

Nationality: American

Place of Birth: Washington D.C.

Where do you rep? Toledo, Ohio

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 128 lb

Twitter: @RunaLucienne



Profession: Model & Actress

Relationship Status: Single

Measurements: 34D-24-36

Favorite Sport: Basketball

Favorite Movie: All of the Mummy movies + Scorpion King

Favorite Painter: Piet Mondrian

Favorite Food: Seafood

Astrological Sign: Leo

What body part of yours attracts the most attention? I think my actual shape attracts the most attention, next to my smile! 🙂

Now, what would you like people to be attracted to? My intelligence and personality versus physical attributes.

Coke or Pepsi? Neither, I prefer freshly squeezed juices or caronated beverages.

The biggest misconception about me is… I don’t know how to party since I don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs; which is quite funny since I’m usually the first one dancing and acting crazy! Lol

The person I would most like to meet is? Oprah Winfrey

Can you cook? If so, what’s your specialty? Yes! My specialty is desserts! I love sweets!

What were you doing five minutes before this interview? Talking to my Mom and deciding to go to Aruba or London and Paris in the Fall. I voted for London and Paris!

What is the most important issue in the world today? There are so many important global issues, but one that I am the biggest advocate of is teen pregnancy prevention. Teen pregnancies can easily be prevented by educating youth, and helping young women understand the reality of motherhood.

When did you know you could be a model? At 17, after attending a modeling convention and speaking with experienced agency representatives and casting directors.