Age: 21

Industry Age: 19

Nationality: German and Black

Place of Birth: Germany Berlin

Where do you rep?  NYC

Height: 5’1

Weight: 150

Twitter: @jhonniblaze

IH: Tell everybody your name and where you are from?
My name is jhonni blaze and i live in new york but i travel to atl and mia alot

IH: How long have you been modeling?
I’ve been modeling for about two years now,  I love it!!!

IH: Did you always want to be a model or was it just something that you stumbled upon?
I kind of stumbled into it, I really wanted to be a singer, which im still working on, but instead the modeling came about when I did my first shoot with  Kay Slay Straight Stuntin Magazine, and from there I just got into videos and etc.

IH: So what are you doing with yourself besides modeling? (Working, school, etc.)
Well right now im working  at @clubperfection and I travel to other places which I am a dancer by the way. If I’m not doing that im focused on my music  trying to way my options yah know?

IH: What would you say is your best feature and why?
My best feature are my lips, everyone comments on them. I wear bright lipstick they poke out, and they’re very uh kissable both lips lol.

IH: What feature would you say you like the best when it comes to men?
I would have to say eyes I love eyes idk I feel like I can read you sexually mentally and etc.

IH: What is your American Dream?
My American Dream is to become a pop /rnb singer not just that but build a company surrounding my name, make people see that you can come from anywhere and still make it to the top.

IH: What are your hobbies?
Singing, playing, piano, soccer,  sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, did i mention sex lol.

IH: In your opinion what are the negatives and positives of modeling?
Negatives: you’re automatically considered a hoe, slut, etc, and it’s not cool because there are a lot of women out here that actually do this the right way, and its difficult to be taken serious because all they want is your body.  Now the positive thing is, you meet new people every day you shoot, and your living your dream making money, and being and seeing people other people wish they could see or be at  so its 50 50.

IH: Name one nasty habit you have without scaring the readers lol?
I pluck my vagina hairs lol, I hate hair and, I sometimes hate shaving so i pluck them, and I mean like brazilian wax style pluck every hair.

IH: If you had to pick the ultimate photo shoot what and where would it be?
The ultimate photo shoot I’d shoot in Egypt, and it would be for King Magazine I just want to do something different everyone has to be different or well just be looking at the same things.

IH: Give us any 3 items you cannot live without?
I cant live with out my didlo. Matter fact someone stole mines from my house I want it back Rachel lol I see you lol and I would have to say money and my cell phone, I love Twitter lo.

IH: Any pet peeves?
I don’t like when people blow there nose into tissue lol.

IH: What music do you have is in your sound system right now?
Everything! Rick Ross, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Brittney, Katy Perry,  Wale, Jim Jones, Daddy Yankey, African music, everything its good to explore baby.

IH: Being that you’re hot and you attract a lot of thirsty males, what are ONE of your major NO NO’s?
Do not try to come to me with no silly ass corny line I hate that, like what are you doing bro? Lol just respect me tell me what you feel and I’ll respect it better then “Ma let me tap that?”

IH: Well I would have to say that this has to be one my most “interesting” interviews lol. Thank so much for letting me interview you.
Lol, any time.

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