Age: 26

Industry Age 25 no shame

Nationality:  Puerto Rican, Filipino, Black

Place of Birth: Queens, NY

Where do you rep? VA and NY

Height: 4’11

Weight: 120

Twitter: @rejhinasosexy

IH: Tell everybody your name and where you are from?
Tell everybody your name and where you are from? My name is Rejhina and I’m from Ny but I been livin in hampton, va most my life!

IH: How long have you been modeling?
I have been modeling for 6 years on and off.

IH: Did you always want to be a model or was it just something that you stumbled upon?
It was actually something I stumbled on because I always steriotyped models as tall and skinny but once I hit the camera I knew it was a gift!

IH: So what are you doing with yourself besides modeling? (Working, school, etc.)
I’m a bartender and I plan on movin to cali next month and ill be startin my own online radio show soon! And goin back to school!

IH: Where do you stand on the subject of butt injections/but implants?
I’m not interested in those because I feel a model should be a model image of what woman should wanna look like and I don’t see why a woman would wanna look plastic lol

IH: What would you say is your best feature and why?
My eyes and lips are my best feature because those are the first thing people notice about me!

IH: What feature would you say you like the best when it comes to men?
I love a man with sexy eyes and smile it tells me a lot about a man and easier for me to make eye contact!

IH: What is your American Dream?
I want to become a worldwide radio and tv host I love to talk and I believe I would be very successful in that!

IH: What are your hobbies?
I love to cook, sing, dance, play pool and just do spontaneous things to keep life always interesting!

IH: In your opinion what are the negatives and positives of modeling?
I believe a lot of these “models” have made it harder for most of us real models who have worked so hard to get out there! Girls degrade themselves for attention and for free so now men expect every model to do the same its disgusting!

IH: Name one nasty habit you have without scaring the readers lol?
One nasty habit I have is I’m addicted to sunflower seeds I can eat them all day! Lol

IH: If you had to pick the ultimate photo shoot what and where would it be?
It would be on a roof of a skyscraper in NY in all black outfit like from a movie!

IH: Give us any 3 items you cannot live without?
Food, sex, and money.

IH: Any pet peeves?
Controlling men.

IH: What music do you have is in your sound system right now?
Rick Ross

IH: Being that you’re hot and you attract a lot of thirsty males, give us ONE of your major NO NO’s?
Guys that off top come at me like because I’m a model I’m a prostitute!

IH: Do you have any special projects coming up that we should know about, or are they classified info?
I’m workin on my online radio show that would be droppin in september so look out for it and follow my twitter to stay on updates!

IH: Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview, I really appreciate it.
Ur welcome 😉