Age: 21
Industry Age 21
Nationality: Hispanic
Place of Birth: Dominican Republic
Where do you rep? Harlem NYC
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 139lbs
Twitter: @LeeeFancy
Facebook: Leandra Gonzalez

IH:  Thank You for taking time out  for me to interview you, welcome to Internet Honeys
LG: Thanks for having me.
IH: You have some Amazing pics, what is it about being in front of the camera that you love?
LG: I love everything from the attention, the energy..the feedback…the outcome.
IH: Growing up have you always loved MODELING?
LG: I always was a fan of models..I admired all the pretty girls that were getting there shine.
IH: How do you view how the urban modeling industry is going?
LG: Its a very competitive industry..but that only allows challenge and diversity. I give props to everyone doing what they doing.
IH: In your opinion what are the negatives and positives of modeling?
LG: I dont focus on negatives..a negative is only what you make it..but positives are never meet new people. You go to new places..the love and support that you receive is amazing.
IH: Do you have any aspirations in modeling going forward?
LG: I would really love to branch into acting.
IH: Who are some of your favorite photographers?
LG: Frank Antonio  and Patrick Neree
IH: Do you have any advice for the young “new faces” in the business?
LG: Stay focused and stay humble.
IH: What is your biggest regret?
LG: No regrets.
IH: What are your hobbies?
LG: I love to cook..and dance…and write.
IH: Name one nasty habit you have without scaring the readers lol?
LG: Umm…lol wow I dont think I have nasty habit.
IH: Being that you’re hot and you attract a lot of thirsty males, give us ONE of your major NO NO’s?
LG: Do not talk my ear off about who you know what you have etc.. I HATE THAT.
IH: What would you say is your best feature and why?
LG: My complexion..its beautiful..its exotic.
IH: Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview, I really appreciate it.
LG: No problem..thanks for having me and Good Luck to you.