Age: 29

Industry Age

Nationality: Korean/Italian/Indian

Place of Birth: Rochester NY

Where do you rep? NY

Height: 5’4


Measurements:  34D-25-39

Twitter: @MsDanaLee

IH: You have some Amazing pics, what is it about being in front of the camera that you love?
DL: Seducing it, and everyone who looks at the pics.

IH: Growing up have you always loved MODELING?

IH: How do you view how the urban modeling industry is going?
DL: You definitely have to work hard to get noticed, theres lots of competition!

IH: In your opinion what are the negatives and positives of modeling?
DL: Some ppl view hip hop models in negative ways, I’ve met a lot of great people.

IH: Do you have any aspirations in modeling going forward?
DL: I take it day by day, I also have a great career as a nurse manager!

IH: Who are some of your favorite photographers?
DL: Jeremy Jennings, Del Anthony, Frank Hotsauce, Tori, MJ Flix I love all my pics!

IH: Do you have any advice for the young “new faces” in the business?
DL: You have to work hard, but dont TRY TOO HARD! lol

IH: What is your biggest regret?
DL: I have none

IH: What are your hobbies?
DL: Working out and traveling

IH: Name one nasty habit you have without scaring the readers lol?
DL: Eating lol

IH: Being that you’re hot and you attract a lot of thirsty males, give us ONE of your major NO NO’s?

IH: What would you say is your best feature and why?
DL: eyes and legs, just look at my pics lol

IH: Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview, I really appreciate it.