Age: 23

Industry Age: Sexy

Nationality: African American, Trinidadian, Puerto Rican

Place of Birth: Brooklyn, NY

Where do you rep? Brooklyn of course..

Height: 5ft 10in

Weight: 150lbs

Measurements:  36C-26-42

Twitter: @LoveBonnieB

IH: Thank You for taking time out for me to interview you, welcome to Internet Honeys.
BB:Thank you very much for having me Love.

IH: You have some Amazing pics, what is it about being in front of the camera that you love?
BB: I have a vivid imagination, so when I’m shooting, and making facial expressions or gestures, I’m imagining that you’re right in front of me and its my duty to turn you on. It’s fun, no one really knows what I could be thinking of at any moment when I’m shooting. Its my own little dirty secret.

IH: Growing up have you always loved MODELING?
BB: No. I didn’t even start to form a figure or loved my body enough until I was about 15 or so. Now that I’m am actively modeling, I love it more each day.

IH: How do you view how the urban modeling industry is going?
BB: Generally it is in shambles. Urban modeling is about physique, confidence and personality. Too many models are lacking in one, two or all three departments but is still given a yes instead of a no. This industry has lost some value.

IH: In your opinion what are the negatives and positives of modeling?
BB: The positive about modeling is that it opens you up to endless opportunities at a quick pace depending on the circumstances. Its negative is the constant run to the bank to make deposits along with the late night VIP events you’re asked to attend lol. No seriously now, some of society is still close minded to this type of career and its looked at as a type of stigma.

IH: Do you have any aspirations in modeling going forward?
BB:Of course I do. I’m gonna ride this until the wheels fall off, wherever it may take me,billboards, movies, television, I’m ready!

IH:  Who are some of your favorite photographers?
BB: Aww shoot! I admire Courage of 2020 Photography in Atlanta, Maria Scott form Florida is pretty cool and of course you gotta love Facet Photography out on the west

IH: Do you have any advice for the young “new faces” in the business?
BB: Yes, be careful! Lol

IH: What is your biggest regret?
BB: Not knowing what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it, sooner.

IH: What are your hobbies?
BB: I’ve been reading alot lately about spirituality mostly. My hobbies are anything that has to do with not being home if I’m not working. That includes gym, hair, nails, museum, movies, dinner, or trips!

IH: Name one nasty habit you have without scaring the readers lol?
BB: Mmnnnn once in a while I masturbate to gay porn…..

IH: Being that you’re hot and you attract a lot of thirsty males, give us ONE of your major NO NO’s?
BB: Getting in my personal space without an invite will get you cursed out, physically assaulted or pepper sprayed, depending on the severity.

IH: What would you say is your best feature and why?
BB: My mouth because of what comes out and goes it… (giggles)

IH: Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview, I really appreciate it.
BB: I appreciate you!